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We are a team of GP Engine that makes quality, powerful engines. Though you might have already seen pilots flying our engines at different events like FXFC, EXFC, IMAC…to name a few, you never get to own or fly a GP yourself.

GP is dedicated to the idea of low-cost and high-performance engines. We also wish to spread such an idea to every pilot in the world – you CAN spend less and get better at the same time! Let us tell you why:

GP Engine sources all important component parts from Taiwan-based suppliers that also make top-class parts for well-known American or European manufacturers. That is to say, our geographical proximity has worked to our advantage to get all necessary elements for an outstanding engine with a relatively low cost. So please do NOT take a low price for compromising quality!

Another key point is that GP engines have proved stronger than others of the same displacement. GP61 and GP123 V2 have tested and guaranteed to better Chinese engines with 400 more RPM and American, German engines with 150 more RPM. For GP88 V2 and GP176 V2, they both have at least 250 more RPM than others on the market. 



On the other hand, GP pilots have earned their prizes through the years in the airfield. In EXFC 2017, pilots made extraordinary achievements with GP engines. Not only the champion is taken by GP team pilot Martin Brandmuller, but also we took four places out of the top ten, moreover, more than 1/3 of pilots in EXFC 2017 who flew GP engine. Martin Brandmuller, Mattia Zeni, and Marek Plichta respectively earned their first, second, and fourth place.

All pilots at EXFC 2017

The middle three from left to right: Mareck Plitcha 4th, Martin Brandmuller 1st, Mattia Zeni 2nd

At recent FXFC 2018, there were 32 pilots flying GP out of all 39 entrants (more than 4/5!). In particular, Martin Brandmuller and Mattia Zeni once again won the championship and second place respectively. The final results showed nine places were taken by GP engines in the top 10.

 All pilots at FXFC 2018

Champion Martin Brandmuller and Second Place Mattia Zeni

We are honored to list pilots flying GP in either competition: GP Engines have proven its power, performance, and reliability, earned the recognition by the professionalism and became the designated provider of product for professional pilots. 

Martin Brandmüller(Austria) 1st in EXFC 2017 and FXFC 2018

Jakub Nečesánek (Czech)

Jonathan Bossion (France) EXFC 2017 FXFC 2018, 7th in FXFC 2018

Dunkan Bossion(France), EXFC 2017 FXFC 2018

Fred Schott (France)EXFC 2017 FXFC 2018

Jean Guy Pardo(France) EXFC 2017 FXFC 2018, 8th in FXFC 2018

Mattia Zeni (Italy) 2nd in EXFC 2017 FXFC 2018

Andrea Brignoli (Italy), EXFC 2017 FXFC 2018

Cristian Fierabracci (Italy), EXFC 2017 FXFC 2018

Gianmaria Gabbiazzi(Italy), FXFC 2018

Timassini Giacomo (Italy), FXFC 2018

Aleksandr Yakimchuk (Ukraine), EXFC 2017

Pedro Precioso (Protagul) FXFC 2018, 4th in FXFC 2018

Lukac Jozef (Slovakia) EXFC 2017 FXFC 2018, 6th in FXFC 2018

Wass Bac Calas Melani (France) EXFC 2017

Marek Plitcha (Czech), 4th EXFC 2017

Angelo Sprenger (Austria) FXFC 2018

Benjamin Peil(Austria) FXFC 2018

Neugschwandtner Stefan (Austria) FXFC2018

Audisio Gabriel (France) FXFC 2018

Clement Cordet (France) 10th in FXFC 2018

Edouard Monnier (France) FXFC 2018

Jeff Pivetta (France) FXFC 2018

Julien Quellier (France) FXFC 2018

Maxime Sellerm (France) FXFC 2018

Quentin Lacourt (France) FXFC 2018

Varlet Pierre Louis (France) FXFC 2018

Ahmed Hadi (Kuwait) FXFC 2018

Mustafa Alawadh (Kuwait) FXFC 2018

Saad Alajmi (Kuwait) FXFC 2018

Lucas Pinter (Slovakia) FXFC 2018

Scott Rallison (UK) FXFC 2018

Dean Coxon  (UK) FXFC 2018

Steven Sachefer  (UK) FXFC 2018

Our efforts to do better never stop. On existing products, we have changed chrome cylinder plating to ceramics to improve cooling efficiency. On our upcoming new GP178, our tests gave us a result of 6% more RPM than the previous version.

In fact, parts of our greatness come from our pilots’ experience. Through dealers, we collect customer feedback on our products and more important we keep an open mind for advice from them on design. By modifying molds, designs over and over again, we are now proud to say our defect rate has dropped to 1%. Producing two-stroke engines of the highest quality has always been our mission statement.

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