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Company Profile

EX International develops and produces high quality propulsion systems for UAVs.

EX International

EX International develops and produces high quality propulsion systems for UAVs. Propulsion systems include fuel-injection and starter-alternator with gasoline engines.
Our aim is to provide high quality products with compatible prices for UAV companies.

Starter Generator

EX starter generator kit is designed for small and medium-sized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). 

It integrates the engine start and power generation into a single control solution, with reliable and simplified installation to reduce the complexity of system maintenance. The compact design is more suitable for space-constrained UAVs. Multiple models cover various engine systems from 20cc to 150cc, and two output types of DC 24V 150W or DC 48V 330W are available.

EFI System for UAVs

Our Multi-Fuel Electronic Fuel Control System is designed specifically for UAVs with two-stroke and four-stroke engine applications. It eliminates the need for a large number of sensors by incorporating intelligent computation, electronic fuel pump, and optimized air-fuel mixing intake. This system seamlessly upgrades the fuel control from carburetors to electronic active fuel injection, providing a sophisticated solution.

The built-in intelligent computation adjusts fuel mixture smartly according to the engine’s operational environment, ensuring greater stability across various conditions. Whether in summer or winter, at sea level or at 6000 meters altitude, our professional calibration empowers you to effortlessly manage these situations, bidding farewell to the intricate adjustments of carburetor needles.

Tailored for UAV applications, the system is lightweight with high precision components, weighing only 330g for the entire setup. The compact design relieves traditional carburetor users from concerns about sensor placement and weight, ushering in a new era of hassle-free upgrades.

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