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EX178 EFI UAV Engine

Lead Time 8 weeks
Displacement 178cc
Power 21.5HP
Weight (engine with intake) 3550g
Weight (ECU) 150g
Weight (Fuel Pump) 140g
RPM Range without starter-alternator 1100-9000
RPM Range with starter-alternator 2000-7500
ECU Voltage 16.8-28V
Power Draw 44.2W
Temperature Range 230
Weight (150/330W Alternator System) 1360g
Weight (muffler) 430g
 Starter-Alternator configurable Battery LiPo
Recommended Propeller 30×13, 32×10, 32×11
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178 cc

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Horse Power

21.5 HP

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Total Weight

5630 g

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ECU Voltage


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RPM Range


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Power Draw

44.2 W

Starter Alternator

It integrates the engine start and power generation into a single control solution, with reliable and simplified installation to reduce the complexity of system maintenance. The compact design is more suitable for space-constrained UAVs. Multiple models cover various engine systems from 20cc to 150cc, and two output types of DC 24V 150W or DC 48V 330W are available.

Configurable with LiPo Battery.